90% of people won't read this!

If you are like more than 90% of the people that you know then you will break your new year’s resolutions within a week. This is because without powerful self-control and dynamic will power it is next to impossible to change your habits and either start something new or stop doing something old. In this brief eBook Padraig king shows you how to take control of your self and how to not just get willpower but DYNAMIC Willpower that will keep you on track no matter what happens or how weak willed you were in the past.

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Now I have enthusiasm and motivation to keep my resolutions and achieve my goals!

“Before I got the self control and dynamic will power I couldn’t stop myself from breaking all my resolutions. I hated being so weak. I was overweight, unmotivated and unhappy. Now I have enthusiasm, motivation and I eat what I know is good for me and I have the willpower and the motivation to achieve my goals.”