I’m back to work in my clinics. Appropriate safety measures will be in place to ensure that Covid 19 is the last thing on your mind as you become, calm, relaxed and happy. Now taking bookings and take up has been brisk as people rush to make appointments for themselves, their family members and refer friends and colleagues. Book online at https://padraigking.as.me or SMS Text message me on 0861723510 or WhatsApp /Facebook Message for your appointment.

Margaret recommends visiting Padraig King

Margaret recommends visiting Padraig King

Visiting Padraig King is like two weeks in the sun. I leave so calm, relaxed and happy every time. His manner is gentle. His empathy means that he gets what I need. His voice is so soothing and he always helps me to find my inner peace, resilience and the energy to face whatever life throws at me.


I’m Back to Work at my Clinics

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Announcement

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