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If you, your company, association or group would like to host an event and have me as trainer or speaker I’d be delighted to facilitate this.

Book me to help you to switch off your anxiety, restore inner peace, mental clarity and self confidence by rewiring your brain for success in the SMARTER , easier, faster way that delivers results in under a day.      Padraig King


Having appeared as part of an expert panel on national television on many occasions, been featured in national newspapers and having been an internationally accredited teacher and trainer for decades I’m happy to facilitate you and to tailor my work to your needs.


My focus is on helping you reach your full potential in life by showing you how to safely and easily switch off anxiety and then how to re-think how you currently manage your resources, energy and thought processes that kept you operating in victim mode a prisoner in your own life.

By comfortably and calmly guiding you to change how you process life’s experiences in your mind I facilitate you to once again have trust in yourself and those around you: to begin believing in yourself : to expand your comfort zone to trust that the life you live has real meaning,  purpose and can be more efficient, effective, rewarding and satisfying.

In short I help you to switch off your anxiety and rewire your brain for success.

To make your enquiry about my availability for keynote speaking engagements, pre-meeting sessions of mental clarity and decision making, or other brief events as well as Zoom calls, half days, full days and 2 day workshops then please contact me directly at +35386172510

Topics: Confidence, Decision Making, Mental Clarity, Switching OFF Anxiety & Stress, Overcoming Self Sabotage, Rapid Safe Trauma Recovery, SMARTER Goal Setting, Rewiring Your Brain for Success.

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