Golden Omelette a la King - by Padraig King

Golden Omelette a la King – by Padraig King

This easy to make and delicious to taste “Golden Omelette a la King” – is the first of Padraig King’s recipes to appear online 


3 large potatoes

6 Button Mushrooms

2 Small Red Onions

8 Large Eggs

I Tablespoon of Olive Oil

10 grams butter or margarine

10 grams Knorr  Aromat  (yellow)

20 grams Gran Padano Cheese


Boil or Microwave 3 large potatoes

Chop 2 small or one large red onion

Chop 6 button or 4 large flat mushrooms

Shallow Fry the Onions and Mushrooms Together Until Soft  and Caramelising

Cut Across the Potatoes Making One Centimetre Slices

Shallow Fry the Cooked Slices of Potato Seasoning with Aromat

Beat 8 Large Eggs Until Foamy On Top

When Potatoes Are Fried to Slightly Golden  On One Side Flip Them In Frying Pan

Season Liberally With Remaining Aromat

Toss Fried Onion and Mushroom On Top of  Potato Slices

Pour Beaten Eggs over the Top and Tilt Pan  to  Ensure Egg Coats the Frying Pan and Passes Under the Potato Slices

Reduce to Half Heat and Fry for 5 Minutes

Turn on Grill to Maximum Heat

Grate Cheese and Sprinkle Over the Omelette ( even though it is still wet on top )

Place the Frying Pan Containing Omelette Under the Grill for 3-5 Minutes or Until Golden On Top

Cut into Slices and Serve

Serves 4

Total Weight Watchers Points 7

1 for Oil

1 for butter

3 x 1 for each potato

2 for cheese

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