Terms and Conditions

Hello I’m Padraig King and I’m really looking forward to working with you.

Terms & Conditions
Our terms and conditions are listed below.

Clinics and Calls

I agree to being worked on by Pádraig King and understand that he offers neither a cure nor any promise of well being.
I understand that his work is designed to enable my body’s own systems to reset themselves and that all of the healing that takes place is from within my own body and is by the power of God. I exonerate him from any and all responsibility for my health and well being.
I understand and accept that at times after a session, as my body adjusts to its new way of being, that there may be pain and a slight worsening of my conditions before any improvement takes place.
I agree not to self medicate any prescriptions that I am on and will not change doses or frequency of taking same without consulting the doctor that prescribed the m for me.
Where photographs are taken during the session or recordings made I give permission to Pádraig King and his agents to use these anonymously for training purposes.
Where appointments are booked and I fail to turn up with out giving at least 24 hours notice by telephone or text I agree to pay in full for that session before being seen again.
I agree to being contacted by Pádraig King or his secretary by text/message/email/ text/phone calls re bookings and other relevant information.


When you buy a ticket for a workshop or course it is yours once the payment is made.

If you cannot attend then you may give the ticket to anyone else who is genuinely  interested.

Tickets can not be sold on a price higher than the price you paid for them.

Many workshops and courses are videoed and purchase of a ticket or even free attendance where this is granted, gives a participant’s full consent to being recorded. We use the recordings to train others and produce home study packs, advertising and promotional materials.

You will be asked for a video testimonial at points and we appreciate your cooperation.

Where an item, ticket or time with Padraig King  is purchased, this become yours once the payment is made. Unopened and in perfect condition items may be taken back into stock but in all cases will  incur a 20% restocking fee to cover card charges and administration. You are responsible for postage/ carriage.

Where you are not totally satisfied at a workshop or course we will arrange a refund for you if you apply in writing and explain how and why you are dissatisfied and can show that you have participated fully to the end.

Please note that where teenagers attend they MUST be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times.
Padraig King operates on a self responsibility model putting you in the driving seat of your participation and learning. 

Photographs, Video and Recordings will be made during the course//workshop.

Sections of the course/workshop will be videoed, recorded and photographed. These will be used to demonstrate how you are before and after.

Other sections will record  Padraig King, a and sometimes with the help of course participants showing the correct way to do the techniques.

These and all other recordings will be used to create online resources for you to use at home and in further online training and promotions.

Your attendance at a course, workshop or event or participation in a live training session by video link implies full irrevocable consent to being videoed, photographed and recorded.

WhatsApp Group Chat

To ensure clear communication we setup a WhatsApp group especially for each workop, event or  course and  use this to send information, reminders and follow up.

If you are not already on WhatsApp we invite you to download it to your phone . Once you are registered we will add you to our private course group chat.  https://www.whatsapp.com/download/

Padraig King’s promise to you:

I will personally refund you if you are not 100% satisfied with any clinic session, course or workshop if you can show that you participated fully to the end.

I am confident that you will not be looking for a refund as you will be more than happy with your new levels of concentration, , memory, motivation, willpower, energy, determination and persistence as you set about achieving your goals!

My contact details are
Padraig King
Spool Factory
Patrick Street
Co. Roscommon
Text and WhatsApp: +353861723510

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