About Padraig King


Padraig King is a well-seasoned speaker and presenter who facilitates you to achieve your true potential in business, social engagements, school, college, and university study,  in sports and any other areas where  stress or anxiety are limiting your success.


He is highly creative and has developed a number of personal empowerment programs, published videos, audios and more.


By building your confidence, competence, willpower, self-control, energy, and emotional resilience as you accomplish each stage goal, you are ready, willing and enabled to reach your highest potential. He facilitates you to enjoy your personal journey to inner peace, confidence and personal success.


He is living testimony of the power of mind over matter and hIs journey to personal success is both inspirational and enlightening.

Having made a rapid recovery from paralysis, neurogenic shock, and post-traumatic stress, as well as subsequently rebuilding his communication, concentration, memory, resilience, and willpower he has develop strategies and programs initially to help himself, but which now facilitate his numerous clients.


His seminars, programs, presentations and training events have helped many grateful participants to eliminate anxiety, manage their stress, overcome bullying, adopt change and adapt, rapidly develop flexibility of body and mind, activating dynamic willpower and high quality emotional resilience.


He has developed a unique goal achievement approach which ensures that your entire brain and body are fully switched on and focused for your real and lasting success.


As he is always in demand, it is necessary to book well in advance for consultations, events, presentations, training, and individual appointments.



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